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Federal Building, Indianapolis

The 1975 Federal Building in Indianapolis currently can enjoy status only as an unofficial landmark. A striking example of Modernist architecture, the building is too new to earn listing in the National Register. Safe-guarding these soon-to-be-historic buildings requires better public appreciation of their significance.

Indiana Modern


Until they’ve been around for 50 years, buildings cannot achieve listing in the National Register of Historic Places. In the meantime, many of these structures—landmarks of the recent past—fall victim to indifference, misunderstanding, and finally the wrecking ball.


Indiana Landmarks formed the Indiana Modern committee to offer modern structures some protection by creating more awareness and appreciation of their value. The committee works to educate Hoosiers about the importance of preserving landmarks from the mid-twentieth century, promote Modernist sites, and supply information about protecting them.


To document the best of Indiana’s mid-twentieth-century architecture, Indiana Landmarks launched a survey to collect information about the finest examples from the period 1940 to 1980. The Recent Past survey marks a first step in creating a program to preserve these landmarks, and celebrate their significance through tours and events.


Indiana Landmarks wants to hear from you!

Tell us about the structures in your community that fit this category, from neon road signs and Lustron houses to Modernist public buildings and ranch-style homes. We prefer buildings that still retain much of their original character, dating from the time they were built.


Fill out a survey form for each structure that you think merits consideration as a landmark of the recent past, then click “Submit.”


For more information about the Indiana Modern committee, contact Mark Dollase in our Central Regional Office.

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