Century of Progress Online Look

A brief behind-the-scenes look at the rescue and restoration of four homes from the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair, plus an update on one still awaiting rehab.

Florida Tropical Interior
The Florida Tropical House following restoration.

Our popular tour of the five Century of Progress houses in the Indiana Dunes National Park heads online this year for a short, free behind-the-scenes look at the 1933-34 Chicago World’s Fair homes before, during, and after restoration.

Visit bit.ly/CenturyofProgressLook and see how the houses were moved by truck and barge to Beverly Shores at the fair’s end to become part of a resort community developer Robert Bartlett created on the Indiana shore of Lake Michigan. To save the structures in the ’90s, Indiana Landmarks leased them from the National Park Service, then subleased four to people who have restored them in exchange for long-term leases. You’ll also learn more about the lone unrestored structure, the House of Tomorrow. Indiana Landmarks is still working to save the futuristic landmark, declared a National Treasure by the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 2016.

Want to learn more? In our related talk “Our Fair House,” lessees of two Century of Progress homes share their experiences converting temporary show houses into weekend retreats. View the full presentation at youtu.be/yyrKL_ZQM-M.

We hope the talk and preview will bring you deeper appreciation for these unique homes when our Century of Progress tour returns in 2021.

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