Indianapolis Group Tours

Guided Tours of the Capital City

We offer a variety of walking tours led by our well-trained corps of volunteers—people who are passionate about the city, its stories and its landmarks and revitalized historic districts.

Monument Circle Tour, Indianapolis
Monument Circle Tour, Indianapolis

Group Tours

We can arrange a tour for your group of any size. For large groups, we assign several guides to ensure that everyone enjoys an up-close-and-personal experience.

Reservations must be made a minimum of three weeks prior to tour date. Minimum group size is 15 people. We are happy to host smaller groups, though the group rate minimum still applies (see details under each tour description). Most tours can be altered to meet your group’s schedule.

To Book a Group Tour: Complete our Group Tour/Field Trip Request Form or contact our Heritage Tourism department at 800-450-4534 or


Explore the Soldiers & Sailors Monument and encircling landmarks, where guides will help you unravel the stories behind architecture and symbolism. Visitors will experience one of the nation’s most beautiful public monuments at the physical and symbolic heart of the city.

Smaller groups may wish to book tickets on one of our Public Tours. Visit the Monument Circle Tours page for full details.


Discover the City Market Catacombs, a long-hidden ruin beneath City Market’s Whistler Plaza. The Roman-looking expanses are all that remain of Tomlinson Hall, an imposing building whose main hall seated 3,500 people. Along the way, guides share stories of two historic buildings, City Market and Tomlinson Hall. We offer these tours in partnership with Indianapolis City Market.

Smaller groups may wish to book tickets on one of our Public Tours. Visit the Catacombs Tour page for full details.


From the outdoor biergarten to the stunning theater, explore the evolution of an Indianapolis landmark from a German clubhouse to a hub of modern urban life. We offer these tours in partnership with the Athenaeum Foundation.

Smaller groups may wish to book tickets on one of our Public Tours. Visit the Athenaeum Tour page for full details.


See how Indiana Landmarks transformed a nineteenth-century church complex into a venue of theaters, reception hall, art gallery and offices. The tour highlights the history of the church, from its time as the state’s largest Methodist congregation to its vacant and endangered status before a 19-million-dollar restoration recreated it as a spectacular new cultural venue.


Explore the stone and metal details in downtown Indianapolis. This walking tour offers an engaging introduction to the stories hidden in architecture and public art.


Discover our beautiful Capitol and take an up-close look at Monument Circle and the historic National Road. The walking tour provides a great overview of the city’s history, its landmarks and monuments, as well as what’s happening now.