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On December 11, our Member Holiday Open House in Indianapolis offers a look at one of the city’s most spectacular private homes: the restored 1933 Lacy-Berger Mansion.

After years of admiring the estate, David and Alice Berger purchased their dream home in 2008 and embarked on a multi-year restoration.
Repeat rehabbers

West Lafayette’s New Chauncey Housing, Inc. (NCHI) reached a milestone with the recent dedication of its 60th home rehabilitation project.

The group serves a historic residential neighborhood under significant development pressure from Purdue University.
Sweet surrender
You won’t have to look too hard to find Abbot’s Candy Shop in Hagerstown. The shop at 48 East Walnut Street sits just a block off Main Street (IN 38). Step through the doors and you’ll enter a world of confectionery magic.

The cotton-candy-hued paint scheme on Abbott's 1851 building seems particularly appropriate.
Playing match-maker
Indiana Landmarks tries to be a matchmaker for historic buildings that need attention. We recently matched an Ohio family with a mid-nineteenth-century stone barn near Madison.

The Kress family plans to rehabilitate the barn and eventually resurrect a burned c.1830 farmhouse nearby.
10 Most Endangered
Indiana Landmarks is already analyzing prospects for the 10 Most Endangered list we'll announce at the beginning of May, 2015. If you’d like to nominate a landmark for 10 Most Endangered status, submit your idea by November 26.



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Kauffman House Landmark Look

Landmark Look: Kauffman-Stephenson House

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Hidden Gems Blog

Abbott's Candy Shop, Hagerstown

Confection affection

Step through the doors of Abbott's Candy Shop in Hagerstown, and you’ll enter a world of confectionery magic.


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Event Rental Space

Indiana Landmarks Center

Indiana Landmarks Center

Unique historic venue for weddings, receptions, events, corporate meetings & parties. Free parking.


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