Leave a Legacy

Remember Indiana Landmarks in Your Will

Indiana Landmarks’ endowment — steadily enlarged by bequests from people who believe in our mission and prudently managed — is the source of our financial stability and our muscular approach to saving places that matter.

Shelby Moravec and Mark Kurth have included Indiana Landmarks in their estate plans. "It's so important to us that places like our home be preserved," says Kurth.

Your Legacy Will Save Historic Places

People who have named us in their wills or made other planned gifts span all economic strata—from Eli Lilly, the wealthy pharmaceutical manufacturer who was one of our founders, to a schoolteacher of modest means who is a longtime member. Such gifts can take many forms: outright bequest of all or a portion of your estate, gift annuities, charitable remainder and lead trusts, insurance, and gifts of real estate.

Our Heritage Society recognizes donors who have made such plans for Indiana Landmarks and let us know during their lifetimes. We’ve received surprise bequests, for which we’re always grateful, but we’d like to know you’ve included us in your plans so that we can thank you while you’re alive! We stage an annual trip exclusively for society members who visit historic Indiana places not normally open to the public.

To find out more about ways to include Indiana Landmarks in your will or estate plans, and the benefits of the Heritage Society, contact Sharon Gamble, Vice President for Development: 800-450-4534, 317-639-4534, sgamble@indianalandmarks.org.

Indiana Landmarks’ Heritage Society

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