Advertise Your Property

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Advertising on Indiana Landmarks’ website and in Indiana Preservation magazine puts your vintage property in front of an ideal audience—people who love historic places.

Advertise Your Property

Advertise Your Property

Print Ads

A real estate print ad in Indiana Preservation, a bimonthly magazine, costs $50 per insertion. Indiana Preservation reaches 7,000 by mail, including Indiana Landmarks members, media, libraries and legislators. We know the reach is actually broader because issues reach entire households, newsrooms, and library readers. Your historic real estate ad includes one photo of the property and up to 50 words of copy.

Web ads

An ad for a single property in the “for sale” section of Indiana Landmarks’ website costs $65 for a two-month run. We post the ad immediately upon payment. “For sale” consistently draws the highest traffic on our website. Your ad can carry up to 200 words of copy, which must include the address, price, and seller contact information, and one photo.

Need more than one picture to sell the place?

We can add a photo gallery of up to 6 additional pictures of the property for an additional $15, bringing the total for a two-month web ad to $80.

Double up and receive a discount

For the discounted price of $100, you can advertise your historic property on both web (2 months) and in print (one issue). Add a photo galley to the web ad and the price is $115.

Stand out from the crowd

For $30, your property can be featured as one of the rotating highlighted listings at the top of the main page for 60 days.

Go for the maximum exposure

For $130, you get a rotating highlight feature for 60 days, plus a two-month web ad, plus a one-issue print ad. Add the photo gallery to make it $145.

Member Discounts

Indiana Landmarks members and affiliates can take 10% off any of the previously listed prices. We offer affiliate organizations one free web real estate ad per year.

In addition to advertising our own real estate for sale and accepting paid ads, Indiana Landmarks may post free ads for historic properties in which we have a vested interest in the form of a covenant, easement, loan, or purchase option.

Advertising requirements

  • A hi-resolution JPEG photo of the property.*
  • No more than 50 words of descriptive copy per print ad, including price and contact information, or up to 200 words per web ad.*
  • Payment by check or credit card. Ads will be posted upon payment.
  • Submit copy and photos via email to

*Indiana Landmarks reserves the right to edit copy and crop photos to maintain our website and publication style standards.

For more information contact Paige Wassel,, 800-450-4534 or 317-639-4534.