Solutions for Saving Old Barns

Our BARN AGAIN! workshop in Greencastle on October 6 offers expert advice on preserving and adapting historic barns for continued use.

Putnam County vacant barn
Participants at our BARN AGAIN! workshop on October 8 will tour a vacant nineteenth-century three-portal barn in rural Putnam County -- an example of a neglected barn with potential for new use.

Icons of Agriculture

It’s hard to imagine Indiana without barns – they’re icons of our agricultural heritage. But with changes in modern farming practices, old barns are disappearing from the rural landscape.

Since the 1990s, Indiana Landmarks has joined forces with local preservation organizations to bring BARN AGAIN! workshops to communities around the state. The workshops help barn owners preserve historic barns by suggesting strategies for their use.

On Saturday, October 6, Indiana Landmarks will partner with the Heritage Preservation Society of Putnam County to present BARN AGAIN! at the Putnam County Museum.

At the day-long workshop, attendees will learn solutions for maintaining, rehabilitating, and adapting old barns for continued use. In the morning, experts in barn preservation will share the history of barn architectural styles and technology. Additional presentations will focus on maintenance, adaptive use, and preservation, offering creative ideas to those caring for aging barns. Attendees will also receive information about financial incentives and resources available for barn repair and maintenance.

In the afternoon, attendees will explore three historic Putnam County barns. Expert guides will discuss the unique features of each structure — one serving continued agricultural use, another adapted for a new commercial purpose, and an unrestored barn full of potential.

Putnam County dairy barn converted to sawmill

The BARN AGAIN! workshop tour includes an early twentieth-century dairy barn converted to use as a sawmill.

The workshop on October 6 takes place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Cost is $25 per person. Register online, or contact Indiana Landmarks’ Western Regional Office, 812-232-4534,

The BARN AGAIN! workshop is sponsored by Indiana Barn Foundation, Headley Hardware, Putnam County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Putnam County Community Foundation, Purdue Extension – Putnam County, and Putnam County Museum.

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