Grants and Loans

Grants and Loans to Assist Nonprofit Organizations

As part of our outreach to strengthen local preservation groups, Indiana Landmarks provides loans and offers a variety of grants that help save and restore historic places. We keep the paperwork to a minimum, and in most programs we welcome applications as needs arise.

Hinkle Field House

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You can review the types of grants we offer below or download our guide to grants and loans from Indiana Landmarks.

Grant eligibility

To qualify for Indiana Landmarks’ grants and loans, an organization generally must:

  • Be registered as a nonprofit corporation in the state of Indiana.
  • Be classified by or have applied to the Internal Revenue Service for status as a 501(c)(3) public charity.
  • Be enrolled as a nonprofit member or affiliate organization of Indiana Landmarks.
  • Possess a charter that identifies preservation of the built environment as a primary organizational purpose.
  • Have a clearly defined organizational structure that includes regular meetings and an ongoing program.
  • Have been in existence for three years and/or have demonstrated responsible fiscal management.

Learn about grants awarded in 2019.

Making an Application

Application forms for Indiana Landmarks’ financial programs are easy to complete and may be submitted at any time unless otherwise noted. Also unless otherwise indicated, your first stop in the application process is the the Indiana Landmarks regional office that serves your county.

Efroymson Family Endangered Places Grants

Indiana Landmarks awards Efroymson Family Endangered Places Grants to nonprofit organizations for professional architectural and engineering studies and restoration cost estimates—often the first step in saving a historic structure—as well as for organizational development. The grants may not be used for brick-and-mortar restoration work.

The grants offer a favorable four-to-one matching requirement—four dollars from Indiana Landmarks matches each local cash dollar up to 80% of the total project cost or a $2,500 maximum or $3,500 for affiliate organizations. For more information, contact the Indiana Landmarks regional office nearest you.

African American Heritage Grants

Indiana Landmarks’ African American Landmarks Committee awards grants ranging from $500 to $2,500 to assist nonprofit organizations in the preservation and promotion of historic African American properties. The grants may be used for a variety of purposes: organizational development, architectural or engineering studies, or programs promoting preservation, interpretation, or visitation of a historic African American place.

We make the grants on a four-to-one matching basis, funding 80% of the total project cost up to $2,500, whichever is less. You may submit a grant application at any time after first consulting with Mark Dollase, Vice President of Preservation Services, 800-450-4534, 317-639-4534, or

Historic Preservation Education Grants

Indiana Landmarks and Indiana Humanities make grants up to $2,500 for educational projects related to historic places in Indiana. Eligible projects include lectures, workshops, exhibits, digital productions, heritage and cultural tourism programs, and educational publications. Applicants must be an Indiana-based tax-exempt organization, but 501(c)3 status is not required.

Applications for Historic Preservation Education Grants are due February 28, 2021 or September 30, 2021. Organizations are eligible for one grant per year. Download an application here.

For more information, contact Suzanne Stanis, Director of Heritage Education and Information, 317-639-4534 or 800-450-4534 or

Legal Defense Grants

While Indiana Landmarks regards legal action as a last resort, we recognize that it is sometimes required to save endangered structures and reinforce preservation laws. Nonprofit preservation organizations may request grants to pay for legal fees to defend or compel conformance with a local preservation ordinance, enforce protective covenants, or seek an injunction to prevent the demolition of a historic building.

Indiana Landmarks’ Legal Defense Grants cover 80% of the cost of legal counsel up to $2,000. For more information, contact the Indiana Landmarks regional office nearest you.

Marion County Historic Preservation Grants

Through a special fund we established in partnership with The Indianapolis Foundation, an affiliate of the Central Indiana Community Foundation, Indiana Landmarks makes grants to support nonprofit organizations working to preserve historic buildings and neighborhoods in Marion County.

We accept applications year round and consider grant requests on a monthly basis. The grants range from $1,000 to $10,000, with the average grant $5,000.

For more information about the Marion County grants, contact Mark Dollase, Vice President of Preservation Services, 800-450-4534, 317-639-4534, or

Efroymson Family Endangered Places Loans

Nonprofit preservation organizations may apply to Indiana Landmarks for Endangered Places loans to buy and/or restore historic properties. The loans have a $75,000 limit and low-interest terms for the first three years. The recipient of a loan must attach Indiana Landmarks’ protective covenant to the property deed.

In making loan decisions, we give special consideration to projects that will save buildings listed in or eligible for the National Register of Historic Places or located in a National or State Register historic district.

For more information, contact the Indiana Landmarks regional office nearest you.

Efroymson Family Endangered Places Acquisitions

To save vacant and endangered buildings, Indiana Landmarks sometimes buys the place. We attach protective covenants to the property’s deed when we resell to a buyer who agrees to restore the landmark within a specified time. When the property sells, the revenue returns to our Endangered Places fund.

For more information, contact the Indiana Landmarks regional office nearest you.