Property For Sale

$3,000 (House Only)

Flatwood School #9

| New Salisbury

$3,000 (House Only)
Built: c.1890 —
900 SQ. FEET
Greg Sekula, Indiana Landmarks Southern Regional Office Director

Save This School

Looking for a cozy living or studio space? This historic schoolhouse may be just the right fit. In Harrison County, near New Salisbury, the former Flatwood School #9 is a one-room schoolhouse dating to c.1890. Originally located on Flatwood Road, the 900 square-foot school was moved in the 1920s to Nicholas Miller’s farm on Highway 135, where it has since served as storage. Miller’s daughter, Lillian Miller, taught at the school for one year. Miller’s descendants still own the property and are offering the small frame building for $3,000 to a buyer who will relocate it to a new site – preferably within Harrison County.

Rehabilitation needed inside and out. The school will be sold with Indiana Landmarks’ preservation covenants protecting original architectural features. To learn more or arrange a tour of the property, contact Indiana Landmarks’ Southern Regional Office, 812-284-4533,

Flatwood School, Harrison County