Turn-Around on Richmond’s Tenth Street

By restoring a prominent corner house in the historic corridor, Indiana Landmarks is building on the momentum of other rehabs rejuvenating the neighborhood.

Turning a Corner

The 10th Street corridor in Richmond connects downtown to the historic Depot District, a lively area of local shops and restaurants. To improve the corridor, Indiana Landmarks is tackling a prominent corner house that has been vacant for 15 years.

Thanks to the generosity of Wayne Bank and Trust Co. and the City of Richmond, Indiana Landmarks will restore the exterior of the 1880 Italianate house at 231-233 North 10th Street, near the Depot District. Wayne Bank and Trust Co. donated the building to us and released a $25,000 mortgage. The Richmond Redevelopment Commission granted the project $200,000. Indiana Landmarks will invest $25,000 and manage the restoration of masonry, windows, wood trim, and paint.

The corridor has benefitted from other recent investments and rehabs in recent years, including work by Richmond Columbian Properties (RCP), a local historic preservation non-profit, on a house at 209 North 10th Street. The project received redevelopment commission funding and a low-interest loan from Indiana Landmarks in 2014. RCP maintains the William G. Scott House located on 10th Street and, just across the street, the A.F. Scott House, has undergone extensive renovation by John Statzer.

To enhance the corridor, the City of Richmond, with support from the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA), is making streetscape improvements and adding bike lanes. The project is part of the city’s Stellar Communities grant award from OCRA.

For more information about the North 10th Street house or other projects in Richmond, contact our Eastern Regional Office, 765-478-3172,


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