Marrying People with Places

Sometimes we’re architectural match-makers, connecting people and properties we think could make beautiful music together, like a young couple from South Bend and a house that needed some TLC.

Katie and Thomas Wicker, Chapin House, South Bend

Beauty in the Eyes of the Beholders

Not everyone can appreciate historic character and see potential when faced with holes in walls and lack of plumbing. Indiana Landmarks loves rescuing such places and finding buyers with similar vision, people who can squint and see the potential.

First-time home buyers Katie and Thomas Wicker had visited a dozen homes and had an offer on a house fall through before they saw an Indiana Landmarks Facebook post advertising a house for sale at 222 Chapin Street in South Bend. “We just came to look around, and even given the state it was in, we knew this was the house,” says Thomas Wicker. “We just looked at each other and our eyes lit up.”

Built in 1911, the house was one of three identical kit houses constructed by Smogor Lumber in South Bend. Indiana Landmarks had bought the aluminum siding-covered house a learning lab for our “Vintage Green” series of DIY workshops. The Wickers admired the layout and the original features – the Prairie-style mantel and fireplace with glazed tile surround in the parlor, the pocket doors and built-ins. The couple is finishing the interior rehabilitation we started.

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