Indiana Landmarks selling historic regional office property

Wayne County’s Huddleston Farmhouse available for purchase.

Continuing the cycle of selling historic properties it has restored for use as regional offices, Indiana Landmarks will list the Huddleston Farmhouse in Cambridge City for sale on March 1, 2022.

“In acquiring properties for use as regional offices, Indiana Landmarks picks significant structures in need of revitalization and rehabilitates them to spur additional preservation in the surrounding region,” said Indiana Landmarks President Marsh Davis. “When the time is right, we turn these properties over to new preservation-minded owners and invest the sale proceeds into other threatened historic buildings.”

Located along US 40, the Huddleston Farmhouse served as Indiana Landmarks’ first regional office. Built in 1841, the 14-room farmhouse originally provided a home for the 13 members of the Huddleston family and functioned as an inn for weary National Road travelers. Huddleston family members sold the home in the 1930s, and it served a number of uses before Indiana Landmarks acquired the property in 1974 and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in a multi-year restoration of the house and accompanying barn, carriage shed, smokehouse and springhouse. The property is being offered for $349,900.

Upon selling the Huddleston Farmhouse, Indiana Landmarks will relocate its Eastern Regional Office to Reid Center (formerly the Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church) in Richmond. A past entry on Indiana Landmarks’ 10 Most Endangered list, the church has been vacant since 2017 and is slated for reuse as a community center. As a tenant at the Reid Center, Indiana Landmarks will assist in revitalizing the building and the surrounding neighborhood.

The Huddleston Farmhouse will be sold with Indiana Landmarks’ protective covenants safeguarding its architectural character. Learn more about the property at

In the most recent example of selling a regional office site to support a new project, Indiana Landmarks used funds from the 2017 sale of the restored Willey-Allhands House in Jeffersonville to acquire, restore and occupy the Kunz Hartman House in New Albany. Going back even further, Indiana Landmarks rehabilitated the Willey-Allhands House in 2003 with funds from sale of the Grisamore House, which it initially restored and occupied in partnership with Jeff-Clark Preservation in the 1980s.

Indiana Landmarks is also selling South Bend’s Kizer House. Using funds provided by the sale of its previous Northern Regional Office, Indiana Landmarks undertook complete exterior restoration of the Kizer House, garage and grounds, preparing the way for someone else to finish interior renovations. The home is listed for $349,900.

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