Vintage Buses Gather in Evansville for Rally

The last bus pulled away from Evansville’s former Greyhound Terminal in 2007, but on September 22-24, the recently restored station will become the backdrop for the largest gathering of vintage buses ever displayed in the U.S.

Evansville Greyhound Station
Evansville Greyhound Station (Photo: Lee Lewellen)

Rolling Into Town

Dan & Stan Holter, founders of the Busboys Collection, will host a historic bus rally September 22-24 at Evansville’s former Greyhound station—now Bru Burger restaurant—to promote the heritage of the bus industry. The rally is expected to attract vintage buses from all over North America and visitors from around the world who come to check out the rare and unique vintage buses, some never before displayed for the general public.

Busboys Collection

(Photo: courtesy

The rally will include rides on vintage buses, vendors selling industry-related products, and a parade through Evansville’s downtown. Visitors can vote for their favorite buses in multiple categories, with trophies for the winners.

For more information about the Evansville bus rally, the schedule of events, and the Busboys Collection, visit

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