Huntington Gem is Ready for Final Polish

A c.1890 commercial building for sale by Huntington Alert offers potential investors a chance to become part of the city’s preservation legacy.

20 N. Jefferson Street, Huntington

Investor Alert

In Huntington, historic preservation has been an important component of the community’s revitalization strategy for many years. Since 1981, Huntington Alert has been at the forefront of those efforts, playing a key role in saving some of the city’s most iconic structures, including the Hotel LaFontaine and the United Brethren Block.

One of the group’s most recent projects holds particular meaning for its members, and offers potential investors a chance to become part of the city’s preservation legacy.

The c.1890 commercial building at 20 N. Jefferson Street is a charming jewel box of a property, two stories with an ornate cupola-capped bay window. Michael Stallings, a founding member of Huntington Alert, had big plans for the little building and its larger neighbor to the north before passing away in 2018. His son, Ian, took up the torch, tackling restoration of the bigger building as an upscale restaurant, gallery, and loft living space. He donated the smaller building to Huntington Alert as an homage to his father’s passion for preservation.

20 N. Jefferson Street, Huntington

20 N. Jefferson Street, Huntington

Using a loan from Indiana Landmarks, the group installed a new roof, repaired a damaged masonry wall, and rebuilt interior floor joists. On a frosty Saturday morning in December, volunteers braved frigid temperatures to clean out the interior, filling a dumpster with old furniture and construction debris. Today, the property is on the market for $50,000, ready for a buyer who can complete restoration.

Located in the city’s National Register-listed Courthouse Square District, the building is well suited to a live-work arrangement. On the first floor, a large open area with high ceilings, tall display windows, and wide double doors could be stylish retail space. The second floor is currently configured as a two-bedroom apartment with an ornate fireplace and stunning views of downtown via the broad bay window. The property is solid and ready for final rehab. It will need updated utilities and finishes throughout.

For more information, contact Paul Hayden, director of Indiana Landmarks’ Northeast Field Office at or 260-563-7094.

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