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The Struggle to Save Sacred Spaces
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Indiana Landmarks is working with residents and parishioners in Whiting to avert demolition and save two historic churches for a new purpose.

Finding Solutions for White Elephants
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When a landmark gets the white elephant label, the word demolition usually surfaces. Indiana Landmarks tries to save these historic structures, helping to identify new purposes and imaginative developers.

Newkirk Mansion, Connersville
Endangered Newkirk Mansion Saved!
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It’s one of the Indiana’s most architecturally distinctive homes, and after decades of neglect Connersville’s Newkirk Mansion is back in the hands of owners who cherish it.

Ford Plant Indianapolis
A New Future for an Indianapolis Automotive Landmark
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The long vacant 1914 Ford Motor Company Plant in Indianapolis passes to new ownership this month, ensuring a sustainable future for an important automotive landmark.

Newkirk mansion Connersville
Historic Connersville Home Needs a Hero
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The Newkirk Mansion dazzles atop a hill overlooking Connersville. Without a new owner and an aggressive restoration plan, however, the house could become another loss.

1956 Green Book
Road Tripping in the Era of the Green Book
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Victor Hugo Green, Harlem postal worker turned travel agent, published the Negro Motorist Green Book from 1936-1967. The guide recommended businesses and attractions around the country, including sites in Indiana, that would be friendly to African American travelers.

Threat Escalates for Jeffersonville Landmark
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Indiana Landmarks seeks a solution for the declining Masonic temple built in 1926, now under threat of demolition.

Koerner Block, Birdseye
Volunteers Launch Campaign to Save Koerner Block
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A coalition of Birdseye and Dubois County residents have joined with Indiana Landmarks to try to raise $35,000 to stabilize the partially collapsed Koerner Block.

Montgomery House for sale, Paoli
Hoping for a Buyer Who Can Make the Save
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We hope to save a threatened landmark home in Paoli by marketing it to a preservation-minded buyer.